Weekend Death of Cinema Reader

It’s been a hot minute since someone has made the bold case for the death of cinema, by which I mean it’s an argument that’s made so often it has been rendered completely meaningless. But hey, it’s the weekend, let’s indulge anyway.

Cinema is merely a Schrödinger’s Cat for our philosphers to ponder. Their conclusions are inconsequential, but the conversation is a hoot. For your enjoyment, here are three articles on this moldy (although tasty) topic:

  1. Has Hollywood Murdered The Movies? by David Denby
  2. American Movies are Not Dead: They are Dying by David Thomson
  3. The Movies Aren’t Dying (They’re Not Even Sick) by Richard Brody

I came to Denby’s and Thomson’s respective pieces by way of Brody’s. I recommend reading them in the order above so as to feel the full impact of Brody’s final word.