New York Film Academy [Sponsor]

My thanks once again to the New York Film Academy for sponsoring this week on the candler blog.

It seems almost too easy. Where else in the world would you study filmmaking but in Los Angeles?

Hollywood and its environs are of course the perfect place to shoot a film, produce it, edit it and find its distributors. The best marketers, set designers, costumers, screenwriters, publicists and actors are in Los Angeles. Does that make it too easy?

For students in the LA Film School of the New York Academy of Film, the word “easy” is hardly the right word. Students here aren’t messing around. They have more focus, probably, than students elsewhere because they are competing with the best. For as fun and exciting and glamorous as is Hollywood, the competition in school is fierce and not for anyone looking to kill time.

The children of many Hollywood luminaries attend classes at NYFA. But the vast majority of its students are working the LA boulevards of dreams, applying the best they have to one of the world’s most dynamic industries. It’s not easy – and few would expect it to be.