iPad Plane Crash ⇒

Dane Schiller for The Houston Chronicle:

In the final instant aboard the plane, Wright instinctively grabbed his iPad, which was sealed in a waterproof case.

In the span of mere minutes, he went from eating a bag of M&Ms at 11,000 feet to sitting in a wrecked plane in the Gulf. […]

Wright used the iPad, still in its LifeProof case, to record a brief video, a record of where they were and what was happening.

I caught these guys on The Today Show this morning. It’s sad that I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t all a viral marketing ploy from the makers of the LifeProof case whose brand name is getting dropped at every turn. Nonetheless, it seems the best best camera is still the one you have on you, even if you’re stranded out at sea.