Not My Problems ⇒

A dose of sanity from Gabe at Macdrifter:

Listen, nothing is perfect and everything is broken. But we live in a fascinating time just like our grandparents did and our grandchildren will. I’m trying hard to appreciate that reality. It’s easy to find flaws and it’s lazy to focus exclusively on them. There’s always going to be something great around the corner and it will probably be flawed. It will probably disappoint someone. The sky is never going to fall.

Every time Gabe writes one of these, it gives me pause. It causes me to think about what I’m doing with the candler blog and what I put out into the world.

Part of this is related to my own neuroses.1 Nonetheless, this sentiment, that we all need to step back and take a breath every once in awhile, is one that I am usually too busy forming opinions on news and stuff to notice, and that’s a mistake. Bookmarking this one for a busy news day.

  1. You’re not deleting my feed, are you, Gabe? Just kidding. (But really, I’m not.) ↩︎