What is mobile photography, and why are we still asking that question? ⇒

Great post on Connect, a new site from the makers of Digital Photography Review:

But the reality is that photography has been changing and evolving for nearly two centuries, from its crude beginnings and complicated chemical processes only handled by professionals to the instantaneous and much more accessible digital world we’re living in today. The latest evolution of the medium, what’s been dubbed ‘mobile photography,’ is perhaps the most radical change to be seen yet – as it doesn’t just involve a change in how (and what) photos are taken, but also in the growing number of people taking them, and how they are now shared, consumed and ultimately viewed.

DPReview has been my go-to resource for all things photographic since before I got into DSLR photography. Glad to see they’re moving into mobile, just like photographers.

(via Daring Fireball.)