A Closer Look At Thunderbolt External Storage ⇒

Other World Computing dives into the pros and cons of Thunderbolt:

To paraphrase though, ‘with great power comes greater complexity’. This complexity is both in the implementation of Thunderbolt as well as considerations for when Thunderbolt is truly the ideal solution.

I got my 2011 iMac specifically because of the advent of Thunderbolt, and have felt like a dope ever since. My thinking was that I would use my iPad for all mobile computing and the iMac will be there for heavy lifting, like video and audio editing. Thunderbolt seemed to be the interface stopgap; if I needed fast drives or to hook up a deck, it would be there for me.

But Thunderbolt drives remain overpriced and hard to find. USB 3.0 SSDs are more reasonable and best my trusty FireWire 800, but now I need to get a Thunderbolt hub, none of which have shipped as promised.

Anyway, if you’re annoyed (like me) that Thunderbolt isn’t yet the way of the future, OWC offers some sound advice on how to stay calm and carry on.