New York Film Academy [Sponsor]

My thanks to The New York Film Academy for sponsoring the candler blog this week.

You might say the person who studies producing for film and television at the undergraduate or graduate school level is possessed of certain audaciousness. What kind of a person envisions running the whole show at that age?

To be a producer is a pinnacle experience, after all. Rarely does the producer become an actor, but many actors migrate to producing. At the New York Film Academy, the Producing Program (housed within the Film School) treats students as producers throughout their program. They start with a book, play, concept or treatment and walk it down the critical path of being produced: the pitch, treatment, script, talent search, budget and schedule, all the way through distribution and marketing.

Producers cannot be wallflowers, so it makes sense that those who choose this program arrive with a good deal of self-confidence. Experience in the industry is not an entrance requirement, but the desire to create breakthrough films and television programs is.