After Sandy

Yesterday morning I walked our dog, Krull, at around 7am. The air in Austin was crisp, the sky was cloudless. Just before the sun came up, I could see the stars clearly, with Orion hovering just overhead. It was eerie; I knew Hurricane Sandy was about to barrel into the region I called home my entire life, and the weather here couldn’t possibly be any more beautiful.

I miss New York; I miss Philly. This storm has magnified that feeling.

I am starting to understand the people who, every time there is a major weather event, you see on the news refusing to leave their homes. It’s home, after all. I can’t imagine what it must be like to watch your house, your life, ravaged from afar.

New York City, where I lived for six years, most of my adult life, still feels like home, and it is crushing to see the photos coming out this morning.

Last summer, when Irene blew into Manhattan, I was lucky enough live on some of the highest ground in the city and have the means to prepare for a disaster. But not everyone is so lucky today. Whole communities need help rebuilding, not just homes but infrastructure. There is no question: hard times are ahead for the east coast.

If you can, please give your time, your attention or your money to whatever cause you feel most comfortable with. Here are two links to get you started:

My pal Rafi at Heeb also has a nice overview of local organizations that need assistance.

However you are weathering this storm, please stay safe and check in on your friends and family. I’m sure they have a story to tell.

UPDATE: Gothamist has posted a comprehensive list of ways to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.