What Your Web Design Says About You ⇒

Ella-Raye Dickens at DesignModo:

When people ask me to describe the importance of web design – I often compare it to the front cover of a book.

I didn’t read this article because DesignModo looks like a shit sandwich. So you know, why would I take advice from someone who clearly has no respect for my eyes, my time or my intellect?


There’s room for conversation on one point here. I don’t like the “cover of a book” analogy. Instead, when I’m designing a site, I think of it as a room that needs decorating.

In my home I want to feel comfortable and productive, without too much clutter. When possible I like to get furniture, artwork and paint that facilitates that feeling.

My site is my home on the Web. I want it to reflect who I am and, hopefully, be clean enough that when I welcome guests they’ll stick around for dessert.

(via The Loop.)