New York Film Academy [Sponsor]

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Animation in 3-D is not all about happy feet. Or Happy Feet Two, the movie.

Careers in 3-D animation are booming as the movie-going public and video gamers clamor ever more for the 3-D experience. But not every 3-D creation has Robin Williams providing a voice or the power of producer James Cameron (Avatar) behind them.

Students of 3-D animation, including those at the 3-D Animation School at the New York Film Academy, may well go on to careers in Hollywood working on features to entertain the young and the young at heart. But there are other applications of the art as well. These include visualization, used in education and business to communicate a concept. Even some court trial lawyers might use visualizations to show a jury how a particular thing works (e.g., to protect a patent).

But that doesn’t mean happy feet, toy stories or balloons that carry houses up can’t comprise the entire career of the 3-D animator. It’s an art form that taps the serious and playful – providing options for where the artist wishes can work.