BufferScroll for Sublime Text ⇒

I only just discovered this Sublime Text plugin today. BufferScroll does a lot1 that I still need to stress test, but the big reason I’m into it: typewriter scrolling.

It’s not nearly as slick as some other apps2 that sport typewriter scrolling (no sliding animation) but it works nicely. And it’s great for lengthy documents, like Fountain screenplays.

If you use Sublime Text to write, go get this.

UPDATE: After you set the Typewriter Scrolling to true per the plugin’s directions, be sure to restart Sublime Text. Then scroll, baby, scroll.

  1. “Remember, restore and sync scroll, bookmarks, marks, folds and cursors.” And more. ↩︎

  2. Byword, WriteRoom, iA Writer and Scrivener come to mind. ↩︎