Alfred Workflows Coming in V2 ⇒

Alfred, an app I’ve used every day for years, is getting a big update in the coming months. Andrew Pepperrell, Alfred’s developer, just revealed a huge new feature coming to the application-launcher-but-so-so-much-more called “Workflows.”

It sounds similar to Automator workflows but built right into the Alfred’s friendly and simple search bar. Here’s the example that (obviously) caught my eye:

Should I watch this movie?

Movies weren’t created equal, so before I start watching a movie, I can search for “movie dark knight rises” to decide whether or not I should watch it. This will launch a YouTube search for the trailer in Chrome (because I don’t have Flash installed in Safari), an IMDB search using a default web search, and a Rotten Tomatoes custom search I’ve created.

That appears to be one of the simpler examples, but it gives a nice idea of what this thing will be capable of.

If you buy the Alfred Power Pack, which unleashes a slew of nerdy features like AppleScript and Shell access, for £15 ($24.21)1 today you’ll get a free upgrade to v2 when it’s released next year.

As an added incentive, Andrew is offering purchasers of the Mega Supporter license early beta access to v2 in January. For £30 ($48.38) you also get lifetime updates to the app, so when v3 drops in 2016 you’ll be all set.

(via Stephen Hackett.)

  1. Prices link to Wolfram Alpha, which should give you the most up to date conversion. ↩︎