Meta Link Post ⇒

Gabe Weatherhead:

If a site consistently links to Kottke or Daring Fireball, then that site’s market share is going to get pretty small. Most people are either already reading Kottke and Gruber or a hundred other sites will link to them anyway. But if I find a site that links to something truly out of the ordinary, I’m going to give them some of my attention. If they say smart things about those links I’ll probably give them a great deal of my attention.

I link therefore I am.

Wait…no. Scratch that. I write link posts because I like to.

When I stop to ponder this site’s place in the grand fabric of the Internet I usually slow down posting (which may give you a little insight as to how I’ve been spending my January).

So instead of wondering why I write link posts I’d rather get back to piecing together the story I want to tell.