Watch Philip Glass’s Walt Disney Opera Online ⇒

The Perfect American is a new opera from Philip Glass about the life of Walt Disney. Sign me up. Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew has the details on how to watch it online starting this week:

Don’t fret if you’re unable to make it to Madrid. You can see the opera from the comfort of your own home and make your own judgements about how successfully it portrays Disney’s life and worldview. The opera will be broadcast live on on February 6. It appears to be free, though the site requires registration. The opera will remain viewable for 90 days after its online debut.

The show, based on Peter Stephan Jungk’s book1 of the same name, sounds a bit nutty:

The Perfect American is a fictionalized biography of Walt Disney’s final months. We discover Walt’s delusions of immortality via cryogenic preservation, his tirades alongside his Abraham Lincoln talking robot, his utopian visions and his backyard labyrinth of toy trains.

Because why wouldn’t Walt Disney have an Abraham Lincoln robot?

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