HBO GO to Apple TV is Go ⇒

Ina Fried reports for All Things D that HBO’s Eric Kessler just announced HBO GO streaming to Apple TV:

Speaking at our D: Dive Into Media conference on Tuesday, HBO’s Eric Kessler said, “effective today, we will be enabling AirPlay” for HBO Go.

The feature is being added today as an update to the HBO Go iOS app and for Cinemax’s MAX GO App.

Coming to Apple TV as an app eventually as well. I think I need to wait until they release another Apple TV, but otherwise I’m sold. Bye bye, Roku.

Copy-editing note: It’s still spelled HBO GO. I don’t understand how All Things D managed to get MAX GO right when MAX isn’t even an initialism but an abbreviation (of a portmanteau, mind you). Look at the text on the HBO GO iOS icon; look at all the copy on the company’s site. It’s GO, not Go.