Amazon Has 20 Albums for $2 Today Only ⇒

Amazon has some great albums on sale for the ridiculous price of $2 today.1 You really should get Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ The Heist if nothing else.

On a related note, I just whipped my music library into shape and signed up for iTunes Match. Amazon’s MP3 downloader makes adding new tracks to iTunes dead simple, and with Match turned on my iPhone populates with the new tracks almost instantly.

It’s not as convenient as buying from iTunes, which auto-downloads new tracks to all my devices, but considering Amazon has albums at a $10 discount today, it’s worth the elbow grease.

Related: Andy Baio’s aforelinked “Indiepocalypse” piece from January was the reason I bought The Heist recently. “Jimmy Iovine” is a great track, but I think “Wing$” might be my favorite.

  1. Affiliate link. I thank you in advance. ↩︎