Slugline [Mac App Store Link] ⇒

This morning Stu Maschwitz announced Slugline, a Fountain screenwriting app. Slugline (check out the official site) has been in development almost since the earliest rumblings of Fountain. I have had the great privilege of using it throughout the beta, watching it grow into the powerful app it is today.

Slugline allows you to write in Fountain while making your script look like a formatted screenplay. It’s like Final Draft without all the headaches. It’s magic. And since your documents are always in plain text, you can take them with you anywhere.

I’ll be publishing a more detailed piece soon, so stay tuned. Slugline is on the Mac App Store For $39.99. You could buy it six times over and still be short of buying Final Draft. Go get it1 and write a movie.


  1. That’s an affiliate link, as is the headline of this article. Using it supports this site. I should also disclose that I was given a copy of Slugline in advance of its release. ↩︎