Don't Call it a Redesign

If you’re a regular reader, the candler blog may look a bit different to you today. Here’s (roughly)1 what it looked like yesterday:

-2013 candler blog

The type is now bigger, columns are better aligned, footnotes look more like footnotes and a whole bunch of little visual mistakes have been corrected.2 I wouldn’t say I redesigned the site per se. Well, maybe I would.

For a few months I’ve been toying with the site’s design privately. I’ve broken it down and built it from the ground up a few times, but ultimately I couldn’t find a design that I wanted to commit the energy to building out. In the end I retained the design I’ve had here since last September, which is a heavily modified version of the stock Octopress theme.

More changes will be rolling out over time, possibly some big ones. I feel more at home in this design of the site, so I’ll likely be posting more (though hopefully not reading less) than I have been. As ever, thanks for reading.

  1. A few small changes have rolled out since that screenshot was taken a year ago. ↩︎

  2. There are still plenty of design elements I know need fixing. If you spot something that looks out of place, please drop me a line↩︎