Instapaper Web Beta

Today the betaworks introduced a brand new Web interface for Instapaper. The old Web app worked, but never well. The new one is gorgeous, truly makes Instapaper on the Web feel like a first-class citizen again. To access it, go to and log into your account.

I don’t know whether I’ll stick with ReadKit1 on the Mac for reading or not. As I said back in May, ReadKit has become an invaluable tool for maintaining my Instapaper backlog. Lately I’ve been firing it up to read articles in a comfortable setting on my Mac, but the new features available in a browser are appealing enough to keep me from launching it.

The Instapaper Web beta adds Tisa and Adelle Sans to the Web font mix, as well as a cleaner dark reading color scheme. Also, clicking on an article headline takes you to the Instapaper text view of the article, not the source link. Finally.

Their beta servers appear to be getting hit pretty hard right now, so be patient when trying to load up your own account.

  1. Affiliate link. I thank you in advance. ↩︎