The CrowdCrowd

The CrowdCrowd

It only just occurred to me that I haven’t officially introduced readers of the candler blog to The CrowdCrowd, a podcast my pal Noah J Nelson over at Turnstyle started and which I’ve been a regular guest on since its first episode in May.

Each week the panel1 convenes to discuss the week in crowdfunding news and developments. I was initially skeptical about just how much we could discuss, but we are far from the well running dry on topics.

We filed our twelfth episode last week. Topics include the negative reactions to Spike Lee’s successful Kickstarter campaign, how we measure the success of media created online, new crowdfunding platforms and getting paid to do what others do for free.

The CrowdCrowd is broadcast live on YouTube via a Google Hangout every Thursday at (roughly) 8:15pm Eastern, 5:15pm Pacific.2 Audio episodes are posted Friday mornings. You can subscribe to the show in iTunes or via RSS. See you on Thursday.

  1. Or “crowd.” Get it? ↩︎

  2. The other panelists and myself tweet out the direct link, or you can go to Turnstyle’s home page every Thursday for more details. ↩︎