Wearables Shmearables ⇒

Marco Arment:

We already have extremely powerful devices that we’re barely using the potential of — we don’t need to divide our attention and resources further to add new device categories to our lives that aren’t massively better in normal use than what we already have.

For the most part I agree,1 but I do think we are approaching the full potential of handheld devices.

The next logical step is more screens in more places. Look at automobile telematics, for example. Even that 60s-futuristic name, “telematics,” stinks. Auto-makers simply cannot build a dashboard that’s half-good, which is the reason iOS in the Car exists (or almost exists).

A blank screen whose interface is driven by the device you bring with you. More screens like that and we’ll really see what this tech can do.

  1. I don’t think I need a face-computer. ↩︎