The Apology Epidemic ⇒

Gilbert Gottfried for Playboy1:

You could slap somebody hard in the face and they’d say, “Well, that was weird. Can we discuss this further?” But tell a joke on Twitter that somebody doesn’t find funny and they’ll howl for your blood. […]

The internet gives everybody the illusion of power. Everyone’s a commentator, everyone’s a writer, everyone’s a movie critic, everyone’s a moral activist. And as a result, everyone is a fucking idiot.

Preach, Pope Gilbert.

Related: shortly after Gottfried was fired from Aflac for making jokes about the Tsunami in Japan I interviewed him over sushi. Heeb just resurfaced the interview yesterday so I’ve got Gilbert on the mind.

  1. Consider this your official warning: you’ll see bare tushies alongside Gilbert’s piece. ↩︎