Most of the Potato Salad Numbers

Fred Benenson and David Gallagher of Kickstarter breaking down some numbers on the infamous Potato Salad project:

The potato salad project ended Saturday with $55,492 in pledges from 6,911 backers. Here’s a look at how it got there.

For a brief while I spent day and night obsessing over the Potato Salad project on Twitter. Interesting to learn that Potato Salad was the fourth most viewed project in the site’s history.

One item that goes unaddressed is the strange fluctuations in pledge amounts that went on during the first week of the campaign. At one point I spied about a $30,000 dip in pledges. The charts over at Kicktraq confirm as much.

I’d love to hear what caused these ups and downs. Bunk transactions that get through before being rejected? Folks making large pledges and then retracting them? Is this common on less publicized campaigns? Maybe Kickstarter will tell us someday.

(via Andy Baio.)