The Limits of American Cinephilia ⇒

Richard Brody on the late Amos Vogel and, by extension, the film communities of New York and Paris:

Vogel’s screenings and seminars primed the pump and stimulated interest in a broad range of filmmakers, but it didn’t launch a generation. The Cahiers critics-turned-New Wave directors and their American acolytes, including Richard Roud, Peter Bogdanovich, and Andrew Sarris, did.

Brody’s jumping off point is the publication of Be Sand, Not Oil: The Life and Work of Amos Vogel, a new book of essays by and about the film programmer and teacher.

Vogel, I’ll admit, is someone I have heard of but know little about. The aforelinked piece is illuminating and I’d like to know more. I’m adding his 1974 Film as a Subversive Art to my must read list.

(via MUBI Notebook.)