The Dissolve Shutters

Well this sucks. Keith Phipps, founder of The Dissolve, pens the movie site’s final post:

For the past two years—well, two years this Friday—it’s been our pleasure to put up this site, a site founded on and driven by a love for movies, alongside a company with passion and talent for creating thoughtful, important work. Sadly, because of the various challenges inherent in launching a freestanding website in a crowded publishing environment, financial and otherwise, today is the last day we will be doing that

The Dissolve was an ambitious effort. The pitch, from my outsider’s perspective, was a film site that could stay relevant while operating outside the daily grind of marketing nonsense (“leaked” set photos, regurgitated press releases, et al.). It kills me that they couldn’t make it.

They’ve got helluva stable of incredible film writers looking for work today. Best of luck to everyone.