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Original SPIDER-MAN!!! Eisenstein's OCTOBER!! BABY BOOM!! Only $11.53 each for 24 hours in the JercVAULT!!


Jerc here, and you heard right. Every movie in Amazon’s Library is available today only at $11.53 per disc! You just have to buy them all at once. $783,429,041.00 gets you every movie ever!!! That’s over a 70% savings. Amazon is even throwing in their entire VHS library ABSOLUTELY FREE. I wouldn’t be telling you about it if it weren’t true, obviously, so go get it now.

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The only film you don’t get in this deal is the finest piece of Americana we have. The greatest American movie ever made is the only disc left out of this, but you probably already own it anyway. Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, The Dark Knight, will not be included in this deal because Amazon assumes every American already got is as a gift last hanukkah.