deadCENTER Liveblog, June 13

· Joanthan Poritsky

3:58:55 PM: Settling in at the Kerr Auditorium for Our Spirits Don’t Speak English, narrative doc.
4:00:11 PM: Just like the last film I saw in this space, it’s pretty sparsely populated. There are a lot of documentaries this year, I’ve noticed.
4:03:43 PM: This film is also getting started a few minutes late. It’ll be tight for me to hit the next program up.
4:04:05 PM: Oooookay, only late by 3 minutes. I take of back.
4:04:48 PM: More wimgo stella cox!
4:07:08 PM: Filmmaker Steven Heape: “dark side of American history that you haven’t been taught.”
4:08:06 PM: for any questions. Check it kids.
4:08:30 PM: Shhhhh, time to watch ads.
5:34:52 PM: Steven R. Heape is actually the Executive Producer of Our Spirits Don’t Speak English. Sorry about that.
5:35:32 PM: Film was very moving and educational. The producer was right, this is. Dark period in our colllective history, as humans.
5:40:51 PM: Some inferestig comments are coming in on my Triangle of Death review.
5:52:03 PM: After a great deal of back an forth on re matter, I have decided to go to the Comedy Shorts instead of Yveete.
5:56:31 PM: I’ve decided to sit in the back of the theater for the comedy shorts so I can look at the back of peoples’ heads.
6:03:31 PM: Nice sized crowd for comedy shorts. This space is kinds huge so it is decieving.
7:37:32 PM: Some of those shorts were actually pretty funny. Some not so much. Alsost all were crowd pleasers.
7:38:34 PM: And now, do I see Barking Water or do I get a bit before a long night ahead of me? I’ll think on that for a few.
10:11:44 PM: Awards over, Wavy Gravy movie screening now. Weather Girl Best Narrative Feat. Official Rejection best Doc. Feat. More to come tom.
10:12:36 PM: I’m going to sign off for now. I know I didn’t stay true to my word on starting a new thread for awards.
10:13:17 PM: I’ll break down awards tomorrow, let you know all about the fest too.