Texas Monthly Has a New Logo ⇒

I know everyone’s talking about Microsoft’s new branding today, but I rather enjoyed this breakdown of Texas Monthly’s new logo.

Texas Monthly Logo Iterations

{% blockquote -TJ Tucker http://texasmonthly.tumblr.com/post/29637106221/a-one-question-interview-with-tj-tucker-texas Texas Monthly Creative Director %} We brought back the fatter ball terminals and added very small ball terminals to the serif of the ‘e’ and the lowercase ‘t.’ We also brought back the curve at the top of the lowercase ‘t.’ The differences may seem minor, but to me, it’s the details that complete the experience. {% endblockquote %}

Austinist had a little fun with the changes, but they look pretty stark if you ask me. Love that lowercase ’t’ and ‘y.’ Details, details, details.