Courier Prime ⇒

Courier Prime is a new typeface from Alan Dague-Greene created for John August and Quote-Unquote Apps.

Since the beginning, screenplays have been written in Courier. Its uniformity allows filmmakers to make handy comparisons and estimates, such as 1 page = 1 minute of screen time.

But there’s no reason Courier has to look terrible. We set out to make the best damn Courier ever.

It takes only an instant to see that it’s the best damn free Courier around. The italic lowercase “i” and “f” in particular are a beautiful touch none of the alternatives possess.

I’ve been using Kris Sowersby’s Pitch as my monospace of choice these last few months (I’m a sucker for that double-story lowercase “g”) but it’s a pricy typeface. Courier Prime is gorgeous, well thought out, available in all essential weights (Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic) and best of all free. Go get it.

UPDATE: John August’s post introducing Courier Prime is definitely worth a read.