The internet is fucked ⇒

Nilay Patel for The Verge:

Internet access isn’t a luxury or a choice if you live and participate in the modern economy, it’s a requirement. Have you ever been in an office when the internet goes down? It’s like recess.


  1. I give The Verge a lot of shit but Nilay’s piece is a great walk-through of the current political situation in US.

    That said, I can’t necessarily abide that bro-tastic headline. There’s something…unsavory about the Internet being fucked which is, you know, the analogy at hand. Plus there’s the unfortunate closer from Free Press President Craig Aaron: “We can still unfuck the internet.”

    The piece is a call to arms with accompanying shareable graphic displaying appropriate email and phone contacts at the FCC, asking readers to file complaints beneath the headline “HOW TO UNFUCK THE INTERNET.” Because what we really need is a bunch of dudebros calling up asking for an unfucked Internet.

    Nilay’s article is a great overview. And the suggestion to flood the FCC with complaints is a wise one that requires a bit of sensationalism to light a fire under folks’ asses. (But still…) ↩︎