The misguided detective work of the CSI: Cinema Scene Investigators ⇒

Matt Singer writing about “forensic cinematologists” (online debaters trying to get to the bottom of any filmic ambiguities) at The Dissolve:

This obsession with finding the “answers” frequently skews film conversations into fruitless tangents.

Singer then gets into some specifics of Inside Llewyn Davis that I think are beside the point for my purposes here, concluding:

A lengthy debate returned no resolution, but even if it had, what would it have added to the film itself? Nothing. The debaters missed the forest while studying the specific taxonomy of one single, irrelevant tree.

This endless pontificating on specific aspects of movies is certainly something, but an appreciation of cinema it is not.

Alas, we live in an era in which promoting such detective work is good, viral business. See under: summer movie campaigns.