A Glassboard for Fountain

Fountain, the plain text screenwriting syntax that is near to my heart, is an ever-growing, ever-changing endeavor. New apps that support Fountain are cropping up and writers are exploring new workflows all the time.

In an effort to put our minds together, I created a glassboard called “Take Fountain” where anyone can discuss Fountain use-cases, hacks, ideas and whatnot. If you aren’t familiar, Glassboard is “a private social network for groups” that has an excellent iOS app and a rock solid Web site.

I’m opening this glassboard up to the public. To join it follow the following link:

Join the “Take Fountain” Glassboard

Additionally you can use the invite code gsaiw in Glassboard to join.

The inspiration here is Collin Donnell’s excellent board “A Chair About Running” which uses the same public/private approach. I’ve found it to be consistently useful with a very high signal-to-noise ratio.

So come on in to “Take Fountain” and discuss the plain text screenwriting revolution. We’d love to hear from you.